Ctronics 5MP HD outdoor WiFi surveillance camera, build a safe fortress house for you

● 5MP 2560x1920 HD for clearer and brighter images.

● Human detection reduces false alarms by up to 95%.

● Eight infrared LEDs and eight white lights provide full-color night vision (up to 25 m)

● Two-way audio makes real-time communication easy and convenient.

● Made entirely of metal for excellent heat dissipation.

● Eight preset positions for easy monitoring of what you care about.

● Supports iOS, Android, Mac and Windows systems.

Metal Material Design

Made entirely of metal, this 5MP wireless outdoor surveillance camera has better heat dissipation, which extends its lifespan. The whole body is made of metal, which dissipates heat faster and better, and is waterproof and exposed to sunlight.

355°Pan 140° Tile

With an excellent 355° pan and 140° tilt, you can observe large areas around your home with this wireless outdoor wifi surveillance camera. This wireless wifi surveillance camera allows you to see the abnormal situation in time and stop it.

Human Detection & Auto Tracking

This 5MP wireless outdoor surveillance camera is equipped with humanoid detection and automatic tracking functions, which can not only accurately identify humanoids, but also reduce false alarms caused by changes such as animals and trees up. at 95%. In addition, you can preset eight independent monitoring zones, and the sensitivity can be adjusted according to your needs.

Real-time Alert

● support email notification
● supports light and sound alarm
● support hip2p on computer

25M color night vision

The outdoor wifi surveillance camera is equipped with 8pcs of infrared matrix and 5 million pixel white LEDs, supporting color night vision. With a floodlight irradiation distance of 25m and an infrared irradiation distance of up to 30m, this outdoor surveillance camera can bring you a totally fresh visual enjoyment.

Four Screens in One

If you purchased more than one Ctronics surveillance camera, you can watch them all at the same time. The four-in-one display lets you view all your monitoring feeds with just one mobile phone, for maximum ease and efficiency.

SD Card Storage

The wifi surveillance camera supports 24/7 continuous recording. Videos of all recording types can be saved to an SD card with a maximum capacity of 128 GB (not included) .

Two-way Audio

The Wi-Fi surveillance camera has a built-in microphone and speaker. When you're on a business trip or on vacation, you can talk to people in front of your camera remotely using the app's intercom feature.

Multi-user Sharing

The Ctronics Wi-Fi camera allows you to share the captured images with your close friends or family, so they can view them at the same time on their own devices. This IP camera is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac operating systems.