5+ Reasons Why Your Home Needs Security Cameras

You may think to yourself that you're in a safe neighborhood and that it takes care of itself. Yet installing both an outdoor security camera and cameras indoors has a slew of benefits these days, beyond safety and security, and can help keep watch on the place you call home. There have been many enhancements to security cameras, such as having high definition 4K 8MP security cameras outdoors and being able to see everything clearly every time without issues. 

You’re directly connected to everything

You'll first notice how easy it is to monitor your systems these days, so there's a huge convenience factor to consider. Many options include a 4G security camera that is independent of the Wi-Fi, while there are still options such as the PTZ Wi-Fi Surveillance Camera that's directly tied in. Having both options means you'll have cameras that may run on separate networks but are still able to be easily tied into your phone for monitoring, such as the front doorbell when deliveries come in, whether you're at home or not. 

It will help to protect you from home invasions

Another area that may seem obvious is that you’ll be able to prevent actual crime from being committed in your home. With an outdoor security camera, you will know ahead of time anyone and everyone who’s coming by your home and clearly see if you recognize them or not.

You don't have to wonder if that's someone you may know or if it's someone behaving suspiciously. You'll easily be able to contact the authorities and have them come to handle the situation. All the while, you can stay indoors where it's safer.

4K 8MP Security Camera Outdoor Ctronics PTZ WiFi Surveillance Camera with Intelligent Human /Vehicle Detection for Home Security

It will help to keep on eye on your loved ones

When you get a security camera system, you'll be able to log in remotely and check in on those you leave in your home. For example, maybe you're away on business and want to check in on the kids that the babysitter is taking care of. Or you went to the grocery store and want to see if your puppy can cope with being left alone for 30 minutes. All of this is possible with a home security camera system and setup.

For those with a backyard, you can also include an outdoor solar Wi-Fi security camera that will stay powered as long as there's a sun. You'll be able to monitor people or dogs playing outside, and this can also be done when you're at home and just want to relax, without the need to always check in on everyone in person. 

Acts as a preventative measure against theft and robbery

While we mentioned earlier that having an outdoor security camera can help with home invasions, they can also help to prevent crimes in general. Knowingly having security cameras set up will act as a deterrence from the would-be culprits. These types of break-ins are typically researched and planned. When these criminals notice a camera setup, they tend to assume that there are other cameras that they cannot see easily. To them, it doesn't seem worth it to make an effort to continue with a robbery, especially when they are familiar with how high-definition these cameras can be. 

Peace of mind when you’re out on holiday or renting

An outdoor security camera, whether a 4g security camera or an outdoor solar Wi-Fi security camera, helps to provide peace of mind. When you're on holiday, you can get alerted to when cameras detect movement and also directly access the cameras away, so you can see for yourself. That means you can know if your property is safe or needs to have the authorities notified.

In addition, for those that do short- or long-term rentals, having these types of cameras installed helps to ensure that your property is well maintained and that no suspicious activity happens that you need to deal with after the fact. This can help when you switch out to new tenants or short-term renters, and there's evidence to help with any type of discord. 

Possibility of lower-cost insurance premiums

This is the + reason because it can be based on specific locations and insurance. Typically though, when you have a professional install quality camera such as a Ctronics security camera, then there’s the possibility that your insurance premiums can go down.
At the very least, with the options available when you consider a Ctronics security camera, you’ll be able to clearly spot the criminals or damage with our 4K 8 MP security camera outdoor model. Of course, always check with your insurance company to see if this is an option. Regardless it shouldn't be a core factor in getting yourself a home-based security camera system.

5MP PTZ Dome Security Camera with Outdoor Surveillance Wifi and Human Detection Auto Tracking 25M Night Vision

In the end

Regardless, you'll want to use high-quality cameras when installing a security system. Otherwise, you're simply making an investment that won't be able to satisfy the needs of your home security system. At Ctronics, we are always working to develop the latest options when it comes to home security cameras and have a mix of 4G security camera options to our PTZ Wi-Fi surveillance camera. Our products are meant to work with any budget and can easily be integrated together and through your smartphone.
Whenever you're ready – feel free to drop us a line. We'll be able to handle any questions you may have about our products or what we feel may be an initial ideal setup.