Where to Place Your Home Security Camera?

One of the toughest challenges after you buy an indoor or outdoor security camera is figuring out the right placement locations. The reason is simple, your Ctronics security camera might be great, but it will deliver great efficiency only if you know where to place it. Which is why we created a list with the best places where you can install your security camera. Here are some ideas to keep in mind!

Pointing at the driveway

When you buy a 4k 8MP security camera outdoor, a good idea is to have it point at the driveway. Whenever a thief comes towards your home, usually he wants to avoid the front door, so he will do it via the driveway. Having a security camera pointed that way will help you track any movement in that region. So if the thief does try to enter your home via the driveway, you will get him on camera. You may want to place it above the driveway, and that is possible via a few simple installation tricks.


Having a Ctronics security camera in your garage is actually a very good idea. The truth is that if your front door is closed, a lot of thieves will try to enter your home via the garage. It’s easier to do that for them, and usually the door connecting your home to the garage isn’t always closed. That’s why a thief will try to enter the garage first. Having a security camera in the garage is going to help immensely and it will help save quite a bit of time. That’s the thing that makes it a very good option, since the garage can be targeted by a burglar, so you have to be ready.

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Front door

It might seem like the obvious place to install an outdoor solar Wi-Fi security camera, but not everyone places it here. Some believe it messes up the appeal of your entryway. But in the end, if you want to stay safe, these things are less important. Which is why having a camera at the front door can indeed make a difference. It helps provide a very good result, and you will appreciate the fact that you will have less burglars. Around 34% of thieves enter the home via the front door, so having a security camera added here is a great idea and certainly a thing to keep in mind. 

Back door

While some thieves will try to enter via the front door, others will be sneaky and try to reach your home interior via the back door. Getting a good 4k 8MP security camera   outdoor near the back door of your home can be handy and it certainly helps save a significant amount of time. It helps provide a great experience and you will be impressed with the protection you get this way.

The backyard area is usually prone to attacks like this because it’s out of people’s view. That’s why you have to install a security camera in the backyard and near your back door. It just makes it easy for you to better protect your home with a security camera, and having it point at the outdoor space in the back of your home is indeed going to come in handy. 22% of the burglars are coming via the back door, so it does make a lot of sense to ensure that this door is protected just like your front door is.

First floor window

Some thieves will skip the doors and try to use the windows to gain access to your home. That’s why they might damage the first floor window. It’s a simple path to access everything and it will help make the process simple and very convenient. The advantage that you get here is that the security camera can easily track every single step and movement, which in doing so gives you the best possible protection. An outdoor security camera will be perfect in this situation, and it can help save quite a lot of time as well. Just try to think about that and how easy your first floor window is to access. Then you will see why adding a Ctronics security camera is a very good idea, since it deters thieves from trying to get access to your home this way.

The side of your house 

If thieves see an outdoor solar Wi-Fi security camera in front of your home, they will try to go to the side of your home, since there’s no camera and they can hide there for a bit. However, if you add a camera here, things are way better. You can ensure that even this place near your home is protected. It allows you to focus on the best possible experience and you will appreciate the process and efficiency you get from something like this. It’s totally worth it and a thing to keep in mind all the time.

Not every thief will try to go to the sides of your home, but at least 10% of them do. That’s why you have to understand how important it is to have an outdoor security camera there. Even if it might not seem like the best way for them to enter your home, a lack of security in that region allows them to hide and enter your home very quickly. That’s why it’s well worth giving it a try for yourself to see how it goes.


Sometimes thieves will be very creative and they will attempt to enter via the basement. The problem here is that most of the time we don’t protect our basements, since we don’t know they are prone to any attack. Only 4% of burglars will attack the basement, but even then, that can be an issue. Which is why we think that having a security camera in there is going to be worth it.
A security camera in the basement might seem overkill at first, but if you keep the window open often, then thieves might use that as an entry point. Burglars are very creative nowadays, so whenever they see an entry point to your home they will use it. Having a security camera in your basement can definitely help and it will just eliminate a lot of potential challenges that can arise

Common areas

You could install a Ctronics security camera in common areas like the living room or kitchen. Of course, for privacy reasons you can switch it off when you are at home. But when you leave your home for the day or for a vacation, these places might need all the security that you can provide. Which is why we think that using a security camera in these locations can be worth a try.

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As you can see, installing a 4k 8MP security camera   outdoor can be a great idea, especially when it comes to the front or back door, garage or basement. Making sure that you protect your home in an efficient way is very important, and you do want to harness the power of an outdoor security camera as much as you can. Use these great benefits and the results can be amazing in the end!