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5+ Reasons Why Your Home Needs Security Cameras

5+ Reasons Why Your Home Needs Security Cameras You may think to yourself that you're in a safe neighborhood and that it takes care of itself. Yet installing both an outdoor security camera and cameras indoors has a slew of benefits these days, beyond safety and security, and can help keep watch on the place you call home. There have been many enhancements to security cameras, such as having high definition 4K 8MP security cameras outdoors and being able to see everything clearly every time without issues.  You’re directly connected to everything You'll first notice how easy it is to monitor your systems these days, so there's a huge convenience factor to consider. Many options include a 4G security camera that is independent of the Wi-Fi, while there are still options such as the PTZ Wi-Fi Surveillance Camera that's directly tied in. Having both options means you'll have cameras that may run on separate networks but are still able to be easily tied into your phone for monitoring, such as the front doorbell when deliveries come in, whether you're at home or not.  It will help to protect you from home invasions Another area that may seem obvious is that you’ll be able to prevent actual crime from being committed in your home. With an outdoor security camera, you will know ahead of time anyone and everyone who’s coming by your home and clearly see if you recognize them or not. You don't have to wonder if that's someone you may know or if it's someone behaving suspiciously. You'll easily be able to contact the authorities and have them come to handle the situation. All the while, you can stay indoors where it's safer. CTIPC-590C 4K 8MP Security Camera Outdoor Ctronics PTZ WiFi Surveillance Camera with Intelligent Human /Vehicle Detection for Home Security Learn Morn It will help to keep on eye on your loved ones When you get a security camera system, you'll be able to log in remotely and check in on those you leave in your home. For example, maybe you're away on business and want to check in on the kids that the babysitter is taking care of. Or you went to the grocery store and want to see if your puppy can cope with being left alone for 30 minutes. All of this is possible with a home security camera system and setup. For those with a backyard, you can also include an outdoor solar Wi-Fi security camera that will stay powered as long as there's a sun. You'll be able to monitor people or dogs playing outside, and this can also be done when you're at home and just want to relax, without the need to always check in on everyone in person.  Acts as a preventative measure against theft and robbery While we mentioned earlier that having an outdoor security camera can help with home invasions, they can also help to prevent crimes in general. Knowingly having security cameras set up will act as a deterrence from the would-be culprits. These types of break-ins are typically researched and planned. When these criminals notice a camera setup, they tend to assume that there are other cameras that they cannot see easily. To them, it doesn't seem worth it to make an effort to continue with a robbery, especially when they are familiar with how high-definition these cameras can be.  Peace of mind when you’re out on holiday or renting An outdoor security camera, whether a 4g security camera or an outdoor solar Wi-Fi security camera, helps to provide peace of mind. When you're on holiday, you can get alerted to when cameras detect movement and also directly access the cameras away, so you can see for yourself. That means you can know if your property is safe or needs to have the authorities notified. In addition, for those that do short- or long-term rentals, having these types of cameras installed helps to ensure that your property is well maintained and that no suspicious activity happens that you need to deal with after the fact. This can help when you switch out to new tenants or short-term renters, and there's evidence to help with any type of discord.  Possibility of lower-cost insurance premiums This is the + reason because it can be based on specific locations and insurance. Typically though, when you have a professional install quality camera such as a Ctronics security camera, then there’s the possibility that your insurance premiums can go down. At the very least, with the options available when you consider a Ctronics security camera, you’ll be able to clearly spot the criminals or damage with our 4K 8 MP security camera outdoor model. Of course, always check with your insurance company to see if this is an option. Regardless it shouldn't be a core factor in getting yourself a home-based security camera system. CTIPC-530C-5MPB 5MP PTZ Dome Security Camera with Outdoor Surveillance Wifi and Human Detection Auto Tracking 25M Night Vision Learn Morn In the end Regardless, you'll want to use high-quality cameras when installing a security system. Otherwise, you're simply making an investment that won't be able to satisfy the needs of your home security system. At Ctronics, we are always working to develop the latest options when it comes to home security cameras and have a mix of 4G security camera options to our PTZ Wi-Fi surveillance camera. Our products are meant to work with any budget and can easily be integrated together and through your smartphone. Whenever you're ready – feel free to drop us a line. We'll be able to handle any questions you may have about our products or what we feel may be an initial ideal setup.  Next Post > < >
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Where to Place Your Home Security Camera

Where to Place Your Home Security Camera? One of the toughest challenges after you buy an indoor or outdoor security camera is figuring out the right placement locations. The reason is simple, your Ctronics security camera might be great, but it will deliver great efficiency only if you know where to place it. Which is why we created a list with the best places where you can install your security camera. Here are some ideas to keep in mind! Pointing at the driveway When you buy a 4k 8MP security camera outdoor, a good idea is to have it point at the driveway. Whenever a thief comes towards your home, usually he wants to avoid the front door, so he will do it via the driveway. Having a security camera pointed that way will help you track any movement in that region. So if the thief does try to enter your home via the driveway, you will get him on camera. You may want to place it above the driveway, and that is possible via a few simple installation tricks. Garage Having a Ctronics security camera in your garage is actually a very good idea. The truth is that if your front door is closed, a lot of thieves will try to enter your home via the garage. It’s easier to do that for them, and usually the door connecting your home to the garage isn’t always closed. That’s why a thief will try to enter the garage first. Having a security camera in the garage is going to help immensely and it will help save quite a bit of time. That’s the thing that makes it a very good option, since the garage can be targeted by a burglar, so you have to be ready. CTIPC-660C Smart 4K 8MP IP Dome Security Camera With 2.4/5GHz WiFi and People/Vehicle/Animal Detection Learn Morn Front door It might seem like the obvious place to install an outdoor solar Wi-Fi security camera, but not everyone places it here. Some believe it messes up the appeal of your entryway. But in the end, if you want to stay safe, these things are less important. Which is why having a camera at the front door can indeed make a difference. It helps provide a very good result, and you will appreciate the fact that you will have less burglars. Around 34% of thieves enter the home via the front door, so having a security camera added here is a great idea and certainly a thing to keep in mind.  Back door While some thieves will try to enter via the front door, others will be sneaky and try to reach your home interior via the back door. Getting a good 4k 8MP security camera   outdoor near the back door of your home can be handy and it certainly helps save a significant amount of time. It helps provide a great experience and you will be impressed with the protection you get this way. The backyard area is usually prone to attacks like this because it’s out of people’s view. That’s why you have to install a security camera in the backyard and near your back door. It just makes it easy for you to better protect your home with a security camera, and having it point at the outdoor space in the back of your home is indeed going to come in handy. 22% of the burglars are coming via the back door, so it does make a lot of sense to ensure that this door is protected just like your front door is. First floor window Some thieves will skip the doors and try to use the windows to gain access to your home. That’s why they might damage the first floor window. It’s a simple path to access everything and it will help make the process simple and very convenient. The advantage that you get here is that the security camera can easily track every single step and movement, which in doing so gives you the best possible protection. An outdoor security camera will be perfect in this situation, and it can help save quite a lot of time as well. Just try to think about that and how easy your first floor window is to access. Then you will see why adding a Ctronics security camera is a very good idea, since it deters thieves from trying to get access to your home this way. The side of your house  If thieves see an outdoor solar Wi-Fi security camera in front of your home, they will try to go to the side of your home, since there’s no camera and they can hide there for a bit. However, if you add a camera here, things are way better. You can ensure that even this place near your home is protected. It allows you to focus on the best possible experience and you will appreciate the process and efficiency you get from something like this. It’s totally worth it and a thing to keep in mind all the time. Not every thief will try to go to the sides of your home, but at least 10% of them do. That’s why you have to understand how important it is to have an outdoor security camera there. Even if it might not seem like the best way for them to enter your home, a lack of security in that region allows them to hide and enter your home very quickly. That’s why it’s well worth giving it a try for yourself to see how it goes. Basement Sometimes thieves will be very creative and they will attempt to enter via the basement. The problem here is that most of the time we don’t protect our basements, since we don’t know they are prone to any attack. Only 4% of burglars will attack the basement, but even then, that can be an issue. Which is why we think that having a security camera in there is going to be worth it. A security camera in the basement might seem overkill at first, but if you keep the window open often, then thieves might use that as an entry point. Burglars are very creative nowadays, so whenever they see an entry point to your home they will use it. Having a security camera in your basement can definitely help and it will just eliminate a lot of potential challenges that can arise Common areas You could install a Ctronics security camera in common areas like the living room or kitchen. Of course, for privacy reasons you can switch it off when you are at home. But when you leave your home for the day or for a vacation, these places might need all the security that you can provide. Which is why we think that using a security camera in these locations can be worth a try. CTIPC-620C 5MP 30X Optical Zoom Surveillance Camera Outdoor WiFi with Preset Position and Cruise Zoom Learn Morn Conclusion As you can see, installing a 4k 8MP security camera   outdoor can be a great idea, especially when it comes to the front or back door, garage or basement. Making sure that you protect your home in an efficient way is very important, and you do want to harness the power of an outdoor security camera as much as you can. Use these great benefits and the results can be amazing in the end! Next Post > < >
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Why Choose a 4G Cellular Security Camera?

Why Choose a 4G Cellular Security Camera? A 3G/4G/5G cellular secuhttps://gem-3910432.netrity camera is mainly used for security surveillance. It is characterized by a built-in 3G, 4G, or 5G communication module, so that the camera can be directly connected to the network through the base stations of major operators. Break the limitations of network cables or Wi-Fi connections and achieve the true purpose of remote monitoring. What is the difference between a cellular security camera and a Wi-Fi security camera? What is the difference between a cellular security camera and a Wi-Fi security camera? A Wi-Fi security camera uses an internet connection to connect to the app or laptop. When connected to a Wi-Fi signal, you can use two-way audio, auto tracking, alarm message notifications, and other functions through your device (smartphone APP or laptop). However, it needs a strong internet signal. If the Wi-Fi security camera is too far away from router, it won’t work. Cellular security camera uses a 3G/4G/5G cellular network connection instead of an internet connection. Using a cellular data plan, the camera is paired to a security panel with a cellular node so that the cellular security camera can work away from home. Compared to a Wi-Fi security camera, cellular security camera can work on ranches, farms, warehouses, vacation homes, cabins, sheds, RVs, campsites, food carts, boats, and any other place without internet or a source of electricity. Where can you use a 4G security camera? Places where wired network deployment is troublesome or Wi-Fi coverage is limited, such as indoor and outdoor areas which need security monitoring in commercial offices or residential areas where installing network cables would be difficult or impossible. Places where a wired network connection is not possible, such as outdoor construction sites that require video surveillance but where the basic network construction has not yet been laid. This includes outdoor places like barns, farms, ranches, boats, docks and marinas that require video surveillance but have no network infrastructure. Remote mountainous or rural areas without network connections, such as vacation homes, cabins and sheds, campsites, warehouses, and outdoor wildlife studies. A 4G cellular security camera is the ideal choice for places where it is difficult to get wired internet or power. How to choose a 4G security camera? If your installation location doesn't have access to power and network, you should choose a 4G cellular battery security camera with a solar panel. The XEGA 4G solar security camera can work where WIFI is not accessible with 3G/4G LTE coverage. It is 100% wire-free, with built-in 10000mAh rechargeable batteries and a solar panel which can provide continuous power day and night. This frees you from the hassle of cables and allows you to install or remove it at any time. Another function has to be mentioned that this Cellular Security Camera adopt two modes for HD night vision, namely white spotlight mode and IR night vision. White spotlight enable your camera capture 1080P colorful sharp footage up to 65ft. IR led mode enable the camera capture superior quality with non-colorful clear image up to 65ft. This camera for home security offers you super wide vision by move its head 355°horizontally and 95°vertically pan and tilt and 2X digital zoom. The pan-tilt feature can be remotely controlled through APP. Last but not least, with sensitive PIR motion sensor plus recent pixel level recognition algorithm, this home security camera can rapidly & accurately detect any motion of person, then the camera will sent an alert to your phone immediately. Even in dark situation, the detection distance can reach up to 65ft,reducing false alarms caused by rain, leaves, animals, and insects by up to 95%. How much data does a 4G security camera use? Due to cellular security, cameras use a 3G, 4G, or 5G communication module to get a network connection and so it requires a SIM data card to pair with the cellular node and connect to the network. You can buy a SIM card with a cellular data plan on Amazon or use Ctronics SIM data card. The cost of the SIM data plan will vary with different carriers and calculated based on the traffic consumption of when you use camera. Consumption depends on the resolution and frame rate of the videos. The higher the frame or resolution, the more data it will consume, especially when livestreaming and during manual recordings. To help customers save money on their data plan, XEGA 4G security cameras include a SIM data card with 100MB of free traffic and avaiable within 7days. You can scan the QR code and continue to refill the discounted package after using the 100MB of data. Get it now Preview Post > Next Post > < >
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How to Choose a Security Camera for Your Home?

How to Choose a Security Camera for Your Home Why do you need a home security camera?  First of all, a home security camera keeps watch over your home from both inside and outside, acting as an extra pair of eyes and ears to monitor your property. It allows you to see the situation at home indoors and outdoors anytime, from anywhere. Especially if you are renting, you can never know whether the landlord or an intermediary has kept a key for themselves. Secondly, it allows for doorway monitoring. In addition to indoor monitoring, you should also pay attention to your front door. An outdoor home security camera can deter crime and prevent vandalism. When someone is doing something strange outside your front door, you will have a recording of the perpetrator’s face and can push the alarm message button. They can be useful in babysitting the elderly and children. A home security camera can help you look after the elderly or children, especially if the elderly person lives alone. You can see their activities and use voice interaction to take care of them at any time. In recent years, there have been all kinds of security cameras on the market, such as wired, wireless, and indoor or outdoor. So how do you choose the camera that is the most suitable for your home? Here we will discuss the options, comparing various cameras. Important Things to Focus on When Choosing a Security Camera High-Definition Resolution A higher video resolution is one of the important features. It will provide more detail and looks good on a computer or mobile phone. In general, the larger the pixel value, the higher the definition. Therefore, compared with the traditional 720P and 1080P resolutions, the current 4MP and 5MP resolution cameras are clearer and much more popular. 510C Ctronics Wi-Fi outdoor surveillance camera has 2K 4MP 2560x1440 resolution and is equipped with a 3.6mm 4-megapixel lens and a 1/3" color CMOS sensor which a clearer image than a 1080P security camera. One of the 5MP representative cameras is the 285C CCTV outdoor security camera. This has a 2560x1920p resolution, providing almost 2.4 times the 1080p full HD. This presents objects in real color and enables you to view super clear images even in live video streaming. Both cameras are about the same price, 510C is black outlook and 285C 5MP is white. If you don't particularly want high-definition images, a 4MP security camera is enough for daily use. CTIPC-285C 5MP 5MP Security Camera with Auto Tracking and Color Night Vision Learn Morn Fixed or PTZ? What's the difference between fixed view camera and a Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) surveillance camera? A bullet-fixed view cameras fixates on one specific view and they are best suited to perimeters and fence lines. For example, if you only need to focus on a certain section of the room, an entrance, or a parking lot, mount the camera on a sturdy structure and adjust the lens for a precise view of the target area. The Ctronics 510C and 5SK are the fixed-view bullet surveillance outdoor cameras. Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras can swivel left and right, tilt up and down, and zoom in and out of a scene, meaning they provide a more detailed view of the surveillance target. Most Ctronics cameras are PTZ security cameras with 355°pan and 90°tilt capability to monitor any corner of your property, such as CTIPC-380C-4MP . You can manually rotate the camera lens up, down, left, and right from your smartphone, and change the lens position freely. Optical or Digital Zoom? It is worth mentioning that most PTZ security cameras support optical zoom for viewing and capturing distant objects, such as license plates or faces. Some beginners might be confused about the difference between digital and optical zoom. Both can enlarge the faraway image, but digital zoom is processed by the DSP chip to output image, which means it just enlarges the pixels of the image, resulting in blurry images and videos. Optical zoom adjusts the focal length of the lens to make clearer images of things in the distance. One of the biggest strengths of high-optical zoom security camera is that the picture will remain clear as you zoom, giving you effective surveillance even at a long distance. This means you can view smaller image details, such as faces and license plates, from further away and still get a clear quality shot. Ctronics have different optical zoom security cameras, including 4x, 5x, 16x, and 30x zoom. The larger the number, the further the zoom. 30x optical zoom cameras, such as the 550C PTZ surveillance camera,can capture clearer and brighter pictures of things further away than the others. However, if you are using the camera at home, 4x or 16x zoom can easily meet your daily needs. Just remember to choose the appropriate type of zoom camera for your using situation. CTIPC-550C-Z30 30X Optical Zoom 5MP WiFi PTZ Surveillance Camera with Audible Light Alarm and 50m Color Night Vision Learn Morn Full Color Night Vision It is important that your security camera can show you what’s going on at night as well as during the day. There are three night vision modes: infrared, full color, and intelligent auto night vision. Infrared night vision: when the light is insufficient, the camera activates an infrared light to fill in the light, although the real-time picture of the camera is black and white. Full-color night vision mode: when the light is insufficient, the camera turns on a white light and the real-time picture of the camera will be in color. Intelligent auto night vision mode: when the light is insufficient, the infrared light activates and the camera image is black and white.When the camera detects someone at night, the camera will turn off the infrared light and turn on the white light, meaning the night vision will switch to a color picture. At the same time, the camera will send an alarm message to the mobile app. Ctronics 380C-4MP security camera has four IR-LEDs and four white lights for full color night vision up to 30 meters. In auto mode, the built-in spotlight will activate when a human is detected. However, if you want better night vision, 550C PTZ surveillance camera is your best choice. This supports three night vision modes: black and white, color, and auto. When the light is dim, it will switch to night vision mode automatically, which has two laser LEDs, four infrared LEDs and four white LEDs built-in, providing full HD 5MP video quality, day and night. Thanks to the laser and IR LEDs, the black and white night vision of the 550C camera offers visibility up to 150 meters (492ft). If the color mode is on, the white LEDs can provide full-color night vision for up to 50 meters (164ft). Humanoid Recognition, Auto Tracking, or Motion Detection Humanoid recognition: Ctronics outdoor surveillance camera distinguishes between the movements of human and non-human objects, which avoids up to 95% of false alarms due to wind, animals, flowers, etc. Auto tracking: when people or pets move in front of the surveillance frame, the Wi-Fi camera will move, keeping the person or pet that passed near the camera in the center of the frame. Motion detection detects all moving objects, which may lead to false alarms. Most Ctronics security cameras have the above three functions. You can turn them off in the app but it is best to leave the humanoid recognition function on. Installation  You should consider where the security camera will be installed when buying. Indoor or outdoor? Wired or wireless? Battery camera or solar camera? 3G/4G? Let’s discuss it. In general, wired surveillance cameras provide a more stable and secure video signal because they transmit through the cable and not the air. However it may cost more money and effort to install the camera due to the wiring required. On the other hand, wireless cameras can be placed wherever you wish; you don't have to worry about laying new cables or patching existing cable runs. However, you will have to take the camera out and charge its battery often. Compared with a battery camera, a surveillance camera with the solar panel can provide electricity to continuously charge the battery, meaning you can free yourself from tangled wires during installation and there is no need to take the camera out frequently to charge it. However, whether it is battery or solar powered, it needs to be close to the router to maintain a stable signal. No Wi-Fi? Ctronics 4G outdoor security camera can work anywhere nationwide with 3G/4G-LTE connectivity. The 3G/4G wireless video transmission rate is higher so it can transmit video images with higher quality and provide a more stable wireless mobile network. As long as there is 4G signal coverage, turn on the device to receive a signal. Ctronics 4G security camera also comes with a SIM card with 100MB, no Wi-Fi required – just plug in the SIM card! All of ctronics LTE cellular security camera offer a SIM card with 100MB date free for use 7days.Wired camera: CTIPC-380C-4MP-BP Solar camera: CT-S20-4MP3G/4G camera: CTIPC-550C-EU4G  Next Post > < >